Elisabeth Hubmann

Elisabeth Hubmann was born in 1994 in Austria, where after highschool she studied musicology and
classical studies. Afterwards she dedicated herself mainly to music and finished her pedagogical BA in
piano and organ in 2018. She continues her studies at Conservatorium van Amsterdam and works
currently as an organist of Obrechtkerk, where she has performed several premieres of
contemporary organ and choral music. She is very involved at Orgelpark Amsterdam as an artistic
assistant. In addition to charity, chamber and solo concerts in Austria and abroad, she also organizes
concerts herself and works as both pianist and organist. She is particularly interested in historical
instruments and performance practice, improvisation, music education and interdisciplinary projects.
In 2018, for example, she co-edited a book on “Art as a Sociocritical Medium” and recently
researches about hyperorgans and their role in organ sound heritage. She considers individual
approaches to music essential and is looking forward to having many different pupils.

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